November 2016 Chibi Box

Don’t be fooled, this box was definitely not Chibi! With 15 full-sized treats straight from Japan, this was a delicious and perfect addition to any Holiday Feast candy collection! Could you imagine filling a cornucopia with Japanese treats and candies? That would be…awesome!! (*゚◯゚*)

Seiza Choco


Seiza means “Constellation” in Japan! These delicious, chocolate-covered crackers each have their own zodiac symbol and date printed on the chocolate! Are you a Leo? A Gemini? Which sign will you get? Super yummy and cute treat~!

Chameleon Candy


These little hard candies grant you luck! The outside is cola flavor, but if you keep licking, you’ll see the color changes just like a chameleon! Each color represents a different “lucky level”. What “level” will you get? Red is the best! Red=very happy, Yellow=a little bit happy, Green=mediocre, and Purple=unhappy. Enjoy~!

Neri Ame


Super fun candy~! Neri means “to knead” in Japanese and that’s just what you have to do to enjoy this sticky candy! Each pack contains a pair of chopsticks and syrup. You put the syrup on the sticks and knead/mix the syrup. As you do this, the syrup’s consistency changes! Just keep mixing! The end result is a delightful sticky-sweet treat!

Color Pen Chocolate

The outside looks like a pen, but look a bit closer! On the inside there are colorful chocolates~! After you eat all of your sweets, you can even use the pen to write with! What will you write? “DokiDoki Boxie is awesome!”? Aww, thank you!

Sayaendou Sappari Shio Flavor

Have you been eating all of your vegetables? Well, this month DDB has got your back. Not only are these crisp, shio-flavored snow pea chips delicious, they’ve got dietary fiber, protein, and vitamin B1!

Ume Pachi Chan


These bite-size sweets look like they’ll be a sweet plum flavored treat from your friends at DDB. Yet, they pack a powerful pop once they hit your mouth! This interesting combination of plum and a crackling sensation makes this not only a delicious snack, but also a fun one!

Gankoage Potato Chips


These potato chips are not your average potato chips! They are made in a special way that alters their texture slightly. The result? An amazingly crunchy experience. Savor the saltiness and appreciate the secret ingredient: sesame oil. Together they make an amazing flavor that is both sweet and salty. Enjoy!

Pokemon Sun & Moon Chocolate Wafer

The latest installment of the Pokemon series is here! We are showing our excitement with these sweet chocolate wafers. In between two delightfully crispy wafers is a lovely milk-chocolate spread. There’s also a sticker for you~!

Black Koala’s March


In contrast to traditional sweet chocolate, Black Koala’s March brings us a refined flavor of bitter cocoa biscuits paired with white chocolate. It’s the perfect combination! Each biscuit is a bite of heaven!

Karl (Curry Flavor)

One of Japan’s favorite snacks is here with an awesome new flavor! The curls, as always, are puffy and satisfyingly crispy. Yet, they have a new depth of flavor. Curry!! A wonderful mix of flavors and seasonings that are layered to create a lovely new flavor for a popular snack!

Look Chocolate (Purple Sweet Potato & Chestnut)

Look is bringing you the classic Japanese flavors of autumn. You can enjoy the high quality flavors of purple sweet potato and chestnut paired with Look’s delicious chocolate. Bundle up and welcome Fall with these interesting fall flavors of Japan.

Ishigakishokuhin Shredded Beef Jerky

Shredded super carefully for a new way to eat beef jerky that’s simple and bit more convenient than traditional beef jerky. They are smoked with cherry wood and soaked in a soy sauced-based blend. The end result? An amazing aroma and rich flavor that any meat-lover proud.

Pretz Osatsu


These pretzel sticks are also here to help you welcome the new fall season with the delicious flavor of sweet potatoes. Each crunch of these sticks is paired with the sweet and savory taste of baked sweet potatoes. We hope this snack gives you one more thing to love about fall.

Scone (Grilled Corn & Soy Sauce Flavor)


It’s an amazing flavor straight from Japan! Grilled corn with the perfect addition of sweet soy sauce. Each crunchy bite delivers an irresistible, yet interesting flavor. There’s also a secret ingredient that brings all the flavors together…pepper!

Kracie Takoyaki


In this month’s DIY kit you’ll be making 100% Edible Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)! There’s even “takoyaki sauce” and “mayonnaise” to make it look more authentic! Tools and molds are provided for shaping the “tentacles” and balls. Have fun!

November 2016 Deka Box

(╯✧▽✧)╯For those who just can’t get enough of all of Japan’s snacks, candies, and treats is our Deka Box! It contains everything included in the Chibi Box, but with 4-5 extra items! For serious Japanese treat lovers, this is the best deal! This month’s premium snack is a seriously famous snack here in Japan! We hope you enjoyed it!☆

Texas Corn: Fried Chicken


Small crunchy puffs that are known as “Texas Corn”. These delightfully crunchy puffs are fried chicken flavored! Eat bite will remind you of the delicious flavors of fried chicken. Super addicting!

Peko and Sanrio Milky Party Chocolate


Peko-chan and Hello Kitty are celebrating the 65th anniversary of Milky together!! Released in 1951, Milky has a huge reason to celebrate! The special edition candy has two layers! White chocolate and milk chocolate. Definitely another reason for a celebration!

Riska Umai Wa (Mentai Flavor)

Similar to puffed cheetos, these roe-flavored snacks are seriously delicious and highly addictive! Extra seasonings of red pepper and paprika deliver a slight heat to the flavor. There’s also a sweetness of corn flavor! One is definitely not enough for this snack.

Golden Brown Shrimp Rice Cracker

These light, crisp rice crackers are baked to perfection. Lightly salted and shrimp-flavored, we hope this one will be one of your favorite snacks of the month! Each bite is a satisfying crunch with a well-balanced flavor.

Petit Choco Pie


This month’s premium is a delicious, sweet choco-pie! These soft bite-sized pies allow you to indulge in your chocolate fix whenever you want. The cocoa flavor of the chocolate cake and white vanilla cream makes this the perfect premium treat!

An Anime or Game Character Item

You’ll receive either a Premium Candy/Snack or an Anime/Game character item depending on which choice you selected at checkout!
We hand pick the best item for you! We hope you enjoy it!
We shipped the following anime/game series items for November Boxies!!

  • Attack on Titan
  • Pokemon
  • Hello Kitty
  • Osomatsu-san
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Super Mario
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Haikyu!
  • Hetalia
  • Much more!!