March 2017 Chibi Box


Don’t be fooled, this box was definitely not Chibi! With 15 full-sized treats straight from Japan.

Hello Kitty Lollipop (Peach)

Hello Kitty is here with a lovely sweet treat! Her peach flavored lollipops are sure to put a smile on your face. The packaging is so charming, you just might want to keep it! Stay kawaii and stay sweet as we move into the new season of spring! (Packaging Varies)

Shrimp Chips

A classic and addictive Japanese snack! Calbee’s shrimp chips have been satisfying snack lovers all across the globe for years! Eat them as a snack or in addition to your lunch. They are sure to be a delicious part of your day!

7 Stick (Milk Cream)

7 delicious cream-filled biscuits are inside each package!
Indulge in all 7 alone, or share them with friends and family!
This is a popular snack for children in Japan to share with each other.
7 sticks, 7 smiling faces!

Sarada Usu-Yaki Rich Cracker

Rice crackers with a salty taste and crisp mouthfeel! The fragrant flavor really makes this an interesting salty snack. The technique that goes into preparing and making Sarada Usu-Yaki is what makes the savory and sweet taste so wonderful!

Tohato Caramel Corn

A fantastic snack with a light and sweet flavor! Sweet, crispy caramel corn flavored puffed corn snacks! It doesn’t get any better than this! This snack is a long time favorite in Japan and sure to become one of yours too!

Tropical Cotton Candy

“Watagashi” is the Japanese word for cotton candy or candy floss! Japanese cotton candy is categorized as being fluffier than its western counterpart. This tropically flavored, fluffy goodness will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Potato Fry

A combination of grilled meats and spices makes for a tasty and savory snack! Because of the unique frying technique using Palm Oil, these fried potato snacks have an iconic texture that is simply irresistible. Please enjoy this delicious, salty snack straight from Japan!

Luxury Matcha Potato Chips

Take a bite into something salty, a little sweet, and full of zen! These ridged, crispy potato chips are drizzled in matcha (Japanese finely-powdered green tea) and chocolate. The aromatic and refined taste of matcha brings these unique chips to a whole new level.

Sakusaku Panda (Apple Custard)

Not only is the packaging extremely adorables, the flavor is extraordinary! Each bite is like a tiny apple custard pie! The cookies have cute panda faces. almost too cute to eat! But, we know you’ll eat them anyways! Enjoy!

Collagen & Chia Seed Candy

The best beauty products are the ones that are secretly candy! These small candies are made with collagen and chia seed for a truly special treat. Kiwi and mixed berries are the signature flavors. Which one did you enjoy more?

Doraemon Kappucho

Inside each cup are delightful chocolate snacks! Light and crunchy corn puffs covered with chocolate are sure to please any sweet tooth!
The cute Doraemon design makes this sweet treat, even sweeter!

Alfort White Vanilla Mini Chocolates

A luxurious treat for you this month: vanilla-infused white chocolate and baked cocoa biscuits. The mild vanilla taste paired with the exquisite deliciousness of bittersweet cocoa makes this a treat fit for royalty.

Black Pepper Kata-age Potato Chips

These potato chips are fried at an extremely low temperature to create an incredible crunchy experience. The unique and satisfying texture is paired with a black pepper mixture that is sure to make your mouth water!

Suppa Mucho Potato Chips (Salt & Vinegar)

The Japanese word for sour is “Suppai”, which is where the name “Suppa Mucho” comes from! They are sour, sweet, and salty! An absolute crispy and crunchy home run! Enjoy the tingly flavors of salt and vinegar with the crispness of potato chips!

Kracie Fun Ramen Shop

Let’s make some savory dishes! This month you will be making ramen noodles and gyoza dumplings! Test your noodle making skills and see if you have what it takes to be the next Top Ramen Chef! Enjoy, have fun, and stay creative!

March 2017 Deka Box


For those who just can’t get enough of all of Japan’s snacks, candies, and treats is our Deka Box! It contains everything included in the Chibi Box, but with 4-5 extra items!

Choco Bat

A classic sweet treat and beloved by many in Japan since 1964. It’s chocolate coated rod-like dough in the shape of a bat. On the backside are winning lotteries for “Home Run”, “Hit”, or “Out”. Which one did you get?

Nagewa Consomme

These ring-shaped, crispy snacks are super fun! Enjoy the savory and rich consommé flavor, but don’t forget to try and fit as many Nagewa rings on your fingers before eating! Eat up and have fun!

Sayaendo (Shiso and Wasabi)

A delicious and healthy snack that utilizes the taste, color, nutrition, and texture of soy beans. Using horseradish and horse mackerel, this is a very Japanese flavor that is both spicy and refreshing. Enjoy the hints of wasabi with every bite.

Choco Anpan (Condensed Milk)

Anpan is a popular Japanese pasty typically filled with sweet red bean paste. Inside of these lovely baked rolls is a creamy and sweet condensed milk filling.These bakery style pan are made by the famous company, Bourbon. We hope you enjoy these light and delicious treats!


Gâteau Chocolat

Inspired by a delicate, yet rich tasting cake. With each bite of this aromatic, divine miniature soft cake, you will surely be in heaven! Enjoy March 2017’s premium treat in luxury with creamy, decadent Gâteau Chocolat. Heat them up slightly in the oven and serve with ice cream for a truly perfect experience.

An Anime or Game Character Item

You’ll receive either a Premium Candy/Snack or an Anime/Game character item depending on which choice you selected!
We hand pick the best item for you! We hope you enjoy it!
We shipped following anime/game series items for March Boxies!!

  • Attack on Titan
  • Pokemon
  • Hello Kitty
  • Gintama
  • DanganRonpa
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Kuroko’s baksetball
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Haikyu!
  • Much more!!