The DokiDoki Boxie Team has one underlying goal. We want to offer the absolute best quality at the most affordable price.

In the past, we had offered buyers both the option to have a subscription or buy one time.

Buyers were never forced to automatically review and were able to cancel at any time. They would simply receive a reminder that the new box was available for sale.

There was also no monetary incentive in choosing to subscribe as we did not offer a discounted plan. Because of our strong opposition to locking anyone into a contract, there was truly no difference in having a subscription or buying one time.

While we understand that most Japanese snack subscription stores offer a long term subscription plan, we are confident that DokiDoki Boxie’s value is greater than other stores without locking a buyer into a long-term contract.

At best, our subscription feature worked as a reminder to check out our newest box.

If you currently have a subscription with DokiDoki Boxie, don’t worry! Your subscription will be automatically canceled by us. We sincerely appreciate your support! Feel free to continue enjoying each month of delicious Japanese flavors with us!

It is our pleasure to announce that we know have a newsletter! This way we can better notify you with a new boxes arrival, giveaways, coupons, and more!

We also are quite active on our social media pages! We truly love sharing our culture with the world and feel that Japanese snacks and candy are a great way to get everyone interested!

Feel free to check us out and join in the fun with #dokidokiboxie!


International shipping can be a very intense thing. We carefully pack your boxes with love and excitement each shipment period, but once we ship your orders, if there is no tracking number, neither we or post offices (Japanese Post office and your local post office) cannot know where your order is at any given time.

To solve this, all orders from 1st June 2017 and onward will be insured and include a tracking number! You will now be able to track your boxes as they travel from Tokyo to you!

Previously, we had been offering insurance and tracking numbers optionally (although, it was a requirement for some countries or regions). At this time we must kindly ask you to allow us to raise the prices of our products. The increases will be a total of 200 Yen on all boxes. We would like to explain the reasoning for the cost increase in detail.

The current cost in Japan for adding a tracking number and insurance is actually 410 Yen, however, The DokiDoki Boxie Team plans to cover 210 Yen of that cost. In short, this price change simply means our boxes will be more affordable for those who were already purchasing tracking numbers and insurance for their boxes, however, those who did not regularly purchase a tracking number and insurance option will see a 200 Yen increase in our shop.

It should be noted that tracking numbers don’t reflect a real time update or online track service is not available for certain countries, but they are still extremely valuable. By adding a tracking number and insurance to ever order, we will be able to contact the Japanese Post Office at any time regarding the status of your order. Further, you will be able to ask your own local post office as well.

This is a very exciting feature that we are very proud to offer! We hope it eliminates the frustration of not knowing where your box is at any given moment.

Digital PDF description paper instead of physical paper

Japan is continuously moving towards being a waste-less society. We have very strict trash rules and earnestly work toward living a greener life in our beautiful country.

DokiDoki Boxie would also like to take the lead and have our boxes produce less waste. We want to offer you delicious snacks and treats, not more waste! Therefore, from 6/1/2017 we will be including digital downloads of our pamphlet in an email (that you receive to let you know your order has shipped).

The world is moving rapidly towards a digital age, to be able to be a company that produces less waste and uses the convenience of the digital age to better serve you is a great pleasure!

Once your order has been shipping, you will receive an email 3-5 days later regarding the PDF availability. You will then be able to download or view the file on your “My Account” page.

*Please note that if you would like to keep the secrecy and surprise of your box’s content to please use caution when opening the PDF*

In the near future, we will be adding more information to our monthly PDF, such as Allergy and Food Restriction Information, DIY Kit instructions, and more! It’s truly an exciting time here at DDB!

Box Quality Improvement

We are now in close contact with better suppliers here in Tokyo to send you the latest and greatest snacks and treats from Japan! This means more limited editions treats and even newly released snacks that even the Japanese themselves have yet to try! It’s a very exciting time here at DokiDoki Boxie!!

More options for Okashi Box

We have some super fun news! You can now personalize your Okashi Boxes even more! Not a huge fan of DIY Kits? Feel free to choose an extra snack or candy option (the snack will be of similar value as the DIY Kit)!

For Deka Boxes you can now select the “Kawaii Character”, which includes characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama, etc.

The final exciting change is in regards to our options for “An Anime/Game Character Item”. The options are now as follows:
“Male Character”, “Female Character”, and “Monster/Other”. You will receive a non-human character if you select the “Monster/Other” option.

What’s coming next

We aren’t stopping here! We plan to offer an even faster shipping schedule in the future. As well as more box variations!

We are very excited to be able to increase the quality of our boxes for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made to DDB and look forward to the new ones as they arrive!

Stay sweet!

The DokiDoki Boxie Team