April 2017 Chibi Box


This month’s Chibi Box contained a DokiDoki Boxie Team Member’s all-time favorite treat! The Strawberry Fran and Lubera Cookies!
If you are a sweet-tooth, this month’s box is a must try!


Unchoco (Lucky Poop Chocolate)

The name is a wordplay as “Un” can mean both “luck” and “poop”. When your animal “poops”, the chocolate comes from the poop and you can see your fortune by which color the ball is.
Green means popularity luck, pink is money luck, and purple is health luck! (Packaging Varies)

Umaibo Gyuutan (Beef Tongue) x2

A crispy and rich snack! These puffed corn snacks are incredibly famous in Japan and come in a wide variety of flavors!
This snack will have you thinking the tastiest part of beef is the tongue!


Texas Corn (Pizza Flavor)

Small, crunchy corn puffs that are known as “Texas Corn”. These delightfully crunchy puffs are pizza flavored!
Eat bite will remind you of the delicious flavors of your own personal pizza.


Strawberry Roll Candy

Enjoy the sweet flavors of Strawberry as we transition into spring! This sheet-like candy is wrapped nicely and is a stunning 50 cm in length!
Roll it out and enjoy this sweet treat!


ABC Message Cookies

Crispy cookies baked into alphabet shapes! What messages will you make? Have fun and enjoy these sweet and adorable little cookies!
The luckiest message is “DDB” for DokiDoki Boxie!


Nori Potato Chips

A delicious combination of sesame oil, roasted peppers, and nori (seaweed) create this delicious snack!
The crispiness of each bite will soon make these Calbee Nori Potato Chips one of your favorites!

Chocolate Pie

An individually wrapped chocolate pie just for you! Enjoy a fluffy, flaky pie filled with chocolate. Pair with milk or tea for the perfect afternoon snack.
These cute, sweet treats are just too tasty!

Bourbon Lubera Cookies

A snack that has had many fans since it’s debut in 1972. These cookies are rolled and coated with butter.
It has a perfectly delicious and mild taste.


Country Ma’am Chocolate Vanilla & Strawberry

From the company that brought you Japan’s favorite cookie, Country Ma’am brings you delicious chocolate!
Enjoy the sweet simplicity of vanilla and the refreshing taste of strawberries paired with chocolate!

Shaka Shaka Gummy

Get ready to shake it~!! Add on a special powder, seal the bag, shake, and enjoy sugar coated gummies made with real fruit juices (grape, lemon, cola, and ramune)!
It’s a fizzy and cool treat! Shaka shaka!


Fran (Strawberry)

Inside this beautiful packaging is an elegant treat for any sweets lover. The whipped strawberry
coating is thick and buttery.
Enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries paired with biscuit sticks.


Ninja Snack Fuwa-Maru (Soy Sauce Butter Flavor)

These snacks will disappear in your mouth just as quickly as a ninja!
It’s a fluffy and salty snack that can be eaten as silently as a ninja. The savory flavor comes from a mixture of soy sauce, butter, and bonito powder. Enjoy!

Aerial Cheddar Cheese

Aerial (Cheddar Cheese)

Aerial chips get their name because of the air in between each layer, resulting in a unique and amazing texture!
This corn snack has multiple, crispy layers that makes Aerial an iconic snack.
The special edition flavor is cheesy goodness!

Tohato Caramel Corn(Rare Cheesecake)

A fantastic snack with a light and sweet flavor! Sweet, crispy cheesecake flavored puffed corn snacks! It doesn’t get any better than this!
This snack is a long time favorite in Japan and sure to become one of yours too!

Kracie Majo Majo Neru Neru

Get ready to make some magic! You’ll be making a witch’s cauldron brew. You’ll add different packets to create 3 different flavors in your cauldron!
Perfect fun for witches, wizards, and warlocks of all ages!

April 2017 Deka Box


This month’s Deka Box contained 20 snacks and candies including A Premium Snack/Candy or An Anime/Game Item option.
It was the best choice if you wanted a wide variety of snacks from savory to sweet!

We hope you enjoyed your Deka Box!

Aji Curry

Aji Curry

A spicy, puffy snack with a very rich history! The spices used to make this snack are made by the company’s very own craftsmen!
The spices are very delicate and the flavor is known to change depending on weather and season.
A very exciting snack!


Pikachu’s Evolving Candy

Pika pika! Pikachu has brought you a very special treat! At first they are delicious strawberry candies, but depending your choices, the flavor can change!
Suck to get a melon flavor or bite to get watermelon flavor! It’s your choice!

Rilakkuma Pretzels

Rilakkuma Pretzels

Rilakkuma has a little present for you! Honey butter pretzels! Enjoy the sweet smell of honey and rich butter.
Each crisp little bite is a delightful treat from someone as cute as Rilakkuma! (Packaging Varies)


Ozack (Taiwan Soba Flavor)

Indulge in these savory, crunchy chips! Taiwan soba is a soupless type of ramen containing rich and delicious ingredients (such as leeks, egg yolk, and spicy soy sauce).
These chips capture the dish perfectly!

Matcha Green Tea KitKat

Japan is famous for having an exciting amount of different flavors of KitKat.
Perhaps the most popular and beloved of all is the Matcha Green Tea flavor! Enjoy the rich matcha flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate on a crispy wafer that Nestle has perfected.
Each bag contains 12 individually wrapped snack bars! Please enjoy!

Deka Box Unboxing and Tasting Videos