DokiDoki Boxie February 2017 4 prizes

Kawaii Raffle: Sanrio Gudetama Mini Shoulder Bag


2 winners each half of the month

This month’s Kawaii Raffle prize is a Gudetama Mini Shoulder Bag!

Take Gudetama wherever you go! He’s ready to help out and carry some of your items. A very cute bag for any Gudetama fan!

Size: 17×3.5×18cm

Otaku Raffle: Di molto bene JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Minissimo Higashikata Josuke Figure

1 winner each half of the month

This month’s Otaku Raffle prize is Minissimo Higashikata Josuke Figure

Pose Josuke in all kinds of exciting and cool styles! He includes three different expressions!

-Main figure
-Expression part (standard, angry, surprised)
-Jojo-dachi recreating part
-School bag
-Hair comb

**Pre-painted Posable Figure**
Size: Approx. H11cm (non-scale)
Material: PVC, ABS

Traditional Raffle: Japanese Koma (Japanese Spinning Top)


3 winners each half of the month

This month’s Traditional Raffle prize is Japanese Koma (Japanese Spinning Top)

Introduced to Japan from China almost a thousand years ago, Japanese Spinning Tops, or koma, are a history rich filled toy.

During the Edo period (1603-1868), competitive games became popular. This game consisted of players spinning their tops inside a ring and trying to knock their opponents’ tops out of bounds.

Compete with your friends or display this month’s traditional prize proudly in your own collection.

Size: Approx. 7.5 x 9cm

Mega Box Raffle: Random 5-7 candy & snack

Mega Box

5 winners each half of the month

Craving more delicious Japanese goodness? This month’s Mega Box Raffle prize includes 5-7 random full-size Japanese snacks and candies! Perfect for any Japanese okashi fan!