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Okashi Box (Snack Box)

The Okashi Box is the perfect choice if you are looking to try the delicious snacks of Japan! Okashi/お菓子 is the Japanese word for “snack” or “candy”. Each month you will receive a box full of yummy and unique snacks directly from Tokyo, Japan!

We offer two variations of our Okashi Box. Pick the perfect one to first your Japanese snack and candy needs!

The Chibi Box is the most affordable box to satisfy your Japanese snack cravings. You will experience a wide variety of flavors that can only be found in Japan!

The Deka Box, our most popular box, offers both premium Japanese snacks and the option to include one anime/game character item! This is the perfect box choice for any anime-fan, collector, or gamer who loves Japanese snacks and candy!

  • Chibi Box

  • Chibi Box
  • ¥2898

  • 15-16 Full-Size Japanese candy and snacks

    Free Shipping Worldwide with tracking number and insurance

    1 Entry Ticket to Monthly DokiDoki Boxie Raffle!

    Downloadable PDF of Snack Description Pamphlet

    Does not include Extra Premium Candy/Snack or Extra Anime/Game item option.

  • Deka Box

  • Deka Box
  • ¥3898

  • 20-21 (Full-Size) Japanese candy and snacks

    Free Shipping Worldwide with tracking number and insurance.

    1 Entry Ticket to Monthly DokiDoki Boxie Raffle!

    Downloadable PDF of Snack Description Pamphlet

    Extra Premium Candy/Snack OR Extra Anime/Game Item!

    What Anime/Game item will I get?

Past Boxes

Anime Box

 We work closely with a hobby shop based in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, we are able to offer you a goodie box with a set of 5 random anime goodies every month! You will receive random NEW and LIGHTLY-USED anime items such as Keychains, Rubber Straps, Small Trading Figures (Nendroid petit, One Coin Figure etc) etc. However, our supply is limited therefore we have to regulate the availability of the box for each half of the month, so don’t miss this chance!

  • Anime Box

  • Anime-Box
  • ¥1,898

  • 5 New and Used random, small anime goodies.

    1 small trading figure is guaranteed to be included.

    100% authentic items.

    Limited availability.

    What Anime/Game character item will I get?

4 Awesome Raffles

This raffle is only available for Okashi Box orders. You may apply to one of these four raffles: Kawaii raffle, Otaku raffle, Traditional raffle or Mega Box raffle, once per order.

We select awesome prizes for these 4 raffles every month.
The winners will be randomly selected twice a month, one in each half of the month and announced on our Facebook page.







Mega Box

Mega Box

How It Works

Pick your perfect DokiDoki Boxie!


We will choose unique and yummy Japanese snacks/candies for you every month.

We hand-pick yummy candy and snack every month for you!


The DokiDoki Boxie team will carefully pack your box.

Enjoy Yummy and Exciting Japanese Snacks!

You will receive your box directly from the DokiDoki Boxie office in Tokyo. Enjoy unique and yummy Japanese snacks and share your experience with the Dokidoki Boxie community!

Why DokiDoki Boxie?

These are some reasons why you should choose DokiDoki Boxie!

From Japan

From Japan

DokiDoki Boxie is based in Tokyo, Japan. We believe that in order to get the best deals and quality you should purchase products from their country of origin. So why not subscribe to us? 🙂

Best Quality For The Price

Best Quality For The Price

We strive to offer the highest quality and lowest price for you as our customer. It is our goal to offer you the most Japanese flavor and goodies at an affordable price!



As our store name is DokiDoki, which means exciting in Japanese, we would like to provide you with excitement and surprise through a prize. Winners will receive a special prize in each half of the month.

Okashi Box and Anime Box

Okashi Box and Anime Box

Have you ever wished to receive more variations of anime goodies and not just Capsule Toys? We work with a hobby shop in Tokyo and offer a larger variety of anime goodies through the Deka Box and even offer a box of 5 anime goodies.

DokiDoki Boxie Community

DokiDoki Boxie has an active and growing community all around the world!
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